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Middle-Africa organises individual and small group tours to the most interesting parts of the different countries where we operate. We aim to combine nature and ethnographic aspects and bring our clients in close contact with hidden mountain, jungle or desert tribes and explore the unbeaten path.

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Our carefully designed itineraries make sure you visit the most interesting places of each country and aim to offer an authentic, unique and truly memorable Africa experience.

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Middle Africa Blog

Lopé National Park


Despite that we consider Loango National Park Gabon’s best park to visit and spot animals, Lopé National Park is another wildlife hotspot right at the heart of this African nation. It is Gabon’s oldest park and covers up to 4,910 sq km and has a predominantly rainforest..

Traditional architecture in Togo


West Africa is a paradise for traditional architecture lovers. Though Mali’s adobe mosques are difficult to beat, in Togo’s far northeast we find the spectacular Koutammakou Valley. Home of the Tamberma people, whose name means 'the real architects of the earth', this..

The Ennedi; The Sahara’s Best Kept Secret


Back in 1998 Joan Riera, Middle Africa’s founder, explored the Chadian territory with an American anthropologist specialised in Animistic rituals from the Sara tribes of Southern Chad. The civil war had ended just a few years ago and one could still find allot of armed men patrolling the main..

Cross River Gorilla
Cross River Gorilla


A Cameroonian environmentalist group is lobbying for the establishment of a new national park at Cross River on the Nigerian border to protect a little known sub-species of gorillas only living there. The Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli) is the least known critically endangered..

Congo news: Tchimpounga


Tchimpounga (50km from Pointe Noire) has become Africa’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary after Jane Goodall Insitute has bought 3 forested islands in the middle of Kouitu river to lodge some of the 139 chimps the sanctuary hosts. Visitors and volunteers are welcomed to..

Mali news: Timbuktu


The Tuareg people’s struggle for major recognition by the Malian government has created some unrest in the historical city of Timbuktu, one of the Tuareg’s cultural capitals.

Chad news: Ennedi desert


A major political stability in the last 3 years gives new hopes to Chad as a great tourist destination for desert lovers. Middle-Africa has organized 2 trips to the magnificent Ennedi desert in the last 4 months with great success.

Gabon news: Loango National Park


What is happening in GabonDespite that Loango Lodge closed last year, visitors continue to flow into this great African paradise that is Loango National Park in Gabon. The main attraction:elephants, buffaloes, and hippos walking along the park’s virgin beaches during the months of November..

Local initiative, Fouta Djalon

Local initiative in the Fouta Djalon mountain area to lodge tourists in family houses. The Fouta Djalon Association (FDA) understands that responsible tourism is a realistic way to protect their beautiful mountain landscape and fauna (endemic chimps) and improve their living conditions.

Getting to Lobeke and Lodging


In Middle-Africa we’ve known the area for quite a while and since the very beginning we have been supporting all government and local initiatives so that Lobeke National Park could be visited by tourist. In 2011 there are two lodging facilities in Lobeke: Djembe Camp (east side, near the Sangha..

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