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Middle-Africa organises individual and small group tours to the most interesting parts of the different countries where we operate. We aim to combine nature and ethnographic aspects and bring our clients in close contact with hidden mountain, jungle or desert tribes and explore the unbeaten path.

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Our carefully designed itineraries make sure you visit the most interesting places of each country and aim to offer an authentic, unique and truly memorable Africa experience.

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Kakum National Park


Kakum National Park is one of Ghana's most interesting protected areas and one of the few remaining endemic West African Rainforests. Located just 20 kilometres from Cape Coast, the Kakum National Park is home to the rare West Forest Elephants, monkeys and elusive bongo antelopes which roam among..

Dzanga Sangha Reserve


In Dzanga Sangha Reserve, the most marginalised peoples have found new revenue sources as ecotourism projects are becoming successful. Baka "Pygmies" are finally being paid in cash for having managed their forest livelihoods well for generations. In Dzanga-Sangha Reserve, a gorilla habituation..

Humpback whales


The oceanic waters surrounding Sao Tomé and Principe Islands offer the possibility of observing important numbers of humpback whales. From July to October humpback whales visit the waters around the Bom Bom Island on Principe as they migrate from their low-latitude summer feeding grounds to more..

Cameroon Airlenes

Cameroon Airlines has been re-named CamairCo and it has started operating again this current month of April with the scheduled flight Yaundé-Douala-Paris, after six years ago it was declared bankrupt.Cameroon Airlines, now CamairCo, was banned from flying in the European aerial space in 2005,..



The Mangroves have been seen until recent times as an undervalued ecosystem. Historically classified "unhealthy wastelands" or "useless swamps" by development-eager authorities and businesses, the mangrove forests actually are one of the most fascinating resources in a country like Senegal ...

Afro-Brazilians architecture


The immigrants of African descent who began arriving in the coast of Nigeria and Benin in the early nineteenth century are known as the Afro-Brazilians. The Afro-Brazilians were the descendants of African slaves (mostly from West Africa and Angola) taken to Brazil. They returned..

Evengué Island


At Middle-Africa we are doing serious efforts to offer great tours to Gabon with competitive prices. We believe that responsible tourism is the only way to ensure the future of Africa's endangered animal and floral species. The island of Evengué is a sanctuary and reintroduction centre..

The Baka Pygmies


The Baka Pygmies, also known as Aka or Bayaka, are one of the most fascinating peoples in Africa. In Middle-Africa we always try to encounter our Baka friends and share one or two nights with them in one of their gathering and hunting camps in the middle of the jungle. Speding the night among them..

Guinea Bissau attractions


Since 2006 we organize tours to the Bijagos Archipelago in Guinea Bissau. This hidden paradise, just a few hours from Dakar, a not far from Europe, is still virgin from a touristic point of view. Its main attractions are the Island’s crystal waters, the Bijago Animistic culture, and the untouched..

Ouagadougou News: FESPACO


Traditional African culture is amazing, and it is always present in our itineraries. Said this, in Middle Africa we also present Africa’s present day forms of cultural expression. One of them is Burkina Faso’s annual FESPACO film festival. Always during the dry months, Ouagadougou transforms..

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