Sorry, it took me a while to get back to you. Things have been really busy here. I just wanted you to know how happy I was with my trip. Antoine really watched out for me in many ways. And Sami was very kind. I felt safe and take care of. And the itinerary you chose was incredible. I really got to see a lot in a very short time. I especially loved the Menegouba mountains. And thanks for helping me with the arrangements for the Mount Cameroon climb. It really was incredible how smoothly everything went. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Autumn – 2014

We just want to let you know that we had an incredible time in Cameroon. Our guide, Willy was great, the scenery beautiful and meeting the Pygmies in the jungle one of the highlights, one must see it to believe it. Kind Regards,

Marta, Gemma , Pilar and Jordi – summer 2008

We like to thank our guide for the effort of making our trip through Cameroon a wonderful one. Both my wife and myself have been fascinated by the diversity of the country and its people. Our visits to the pygmies in the jungle, the Koma up in the mountain, the tattooed Mbororos who are exotically beautiful and lake Chad have highly impressed us. Even the food was great. Being able to enjoy it so much is basically thanks to the guide and the good organization. We would love to travel to Central Africa in search of the lowland gorillas and with the same guide next year.
Antonio & Margarita  (Explora-acción group) – October 2008 

Dear team, about our trip to Cameroon we just want to let you know that we are reliving the journey every time we look at the pictures. Thank you!

Nieves and Miguel – 2008 

Sorry for the delay but since we came back from Benin we’ve been very busy. We did have a wonderful, wonderful trip to Benin. I wouldn’t change too much of the itinerary, except to encourage people to add on more days, so that it doesn’t seem so rushed. As I stated earlier, that was our choice, and we realize that 2 or 3 more days would have been better. I think that I can speak for everyone and say that we would definitely recommend this trip to our adventurous friends. We found all of the accommodations simple but clean and Euloge has been an excellent guide! He was attentive, punctual and very knowledgeable! My daughter Maria was particularly interested in his animist way of life! We had some very interesting conversations in the minibus! All in all, we had a truly unforgettable experience visiting the Yoruba country, the African Venice, and meeting the warm, welcoming people of the country. Thank you again for making this possible.
Carmen Casal – December 2008

Cameroon was the most exotic, interesting and rewarding trip we have taken. Our encounters with the traditional cultures of the Fulani, Dwayho, Mbororo and especially the Baka pygmies, were both profound and delightful. Jonas “Jones” Nijfuouta, our guide, was excellent. About a week into the trip I had a bit of a problem with dehydration and passed out after a mid-day hike to a volcanic lake. Jones got me to the Fanboum regional hospital where I was diagnosed and rehydrated overnight with Jones helping things along every minute. We continued with the itinerary missing, unfortunately, the segment in the Atalanta Mountains which was a red zone anyway because of a kidnapped priest. Dennis James” Until today, I was unaware of Dennis James’ hospitalization and the resultant change in their program.  Thank you very much for everything that you, Jonas and your associate in Cameroon did to make this tour a great success. I hope to work with you again in 2014 and wish you all the best. Best regards,

Marc Kupper Travel – 2014

We had a great enjoyable journey, well accompanied by guide Amidou. Highlights have been the Baka in the jungle, the Koma plus the chefferies in the West part. Thanks and speak soon.
Enric & Climent – November 2008
Dear team, beautiful country, varied and colourful and extremely interesting in terms of ethnic groups, culture and traditions. The vegetation and the landscapes: simply marvellous. The jungle trek and the pygmies where the best part for me, apart from the home-stay at the Fulani farm and the end of the journey at Limbe beach.. The guides were great. Please add some additional days to the trip in order to enjoy more.
Lola – Christmas trip to Cameroon  2008
Once back we can only say that all was perfect : professionalism, punctuality and dedication from the guides and drivers for which we want to congratulate you and them. We are very, very happy about travelling to Cameroon and are interested in discovering other destinations next year.
The Pardo group. Christmas – 2008
Thanks for your mail. It’s the 3rd time we travel with you and again we have been very pleased with Middle Africa’s service and would highly recommend it to other Africa bound travellers. From the very first moment you took a personal interest in helping us accomplish our travel plans in Gabon and you did the utmost to make our 22-day trip a safe and memorable adventure. Your attention to detail made it possible for us to experience much of the beauty and wonder of Gabon.
Best regards,
Antonio Segura – February 2009