Being a responsible tour operator is at the heart of what Middle-Africa is all about. Minimizing the impact upon the diverse cultures, communities, and environment we interact with, plus a serious commitment to socially conscious, grassroots style travel, has driven us on our tourism project from the very first day we started in 2005.

That is the reason why we work with local communities in order to develop responsible tourism opportunities that help local economies to advance and prosper. At the end of the day, and mainly due to their own input and work, the local population is able to improve education and sanitary systems and increase quality of life.

Tourism can help to recover, and maintain, local traditions and cultural expressions, such as crafts, dances and songs. Avoiding unnecessary rural emigration is a key aspect of our project. Our aim is to offer possibilities to younger generations so they stay in their villages and work as guides or drivers, sell arts and crafts or agricultural products and even set up a food stall or offer lodging possibilities. It’s a way of reinforcing identity and preserve cultural heritage while working towards a better future.

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Middle-Africa is committed to operate according to our codes of conducts available to all parties involved so everybody is aware about our obligations and commitment towards Responsible Travel.


At the same time we aim to travel in spirit of humility, interact with, and learn from, local people, observe and enjoy different ways of life. Reflecting on these new experiences and sharing thoughts and views with fellow travellers and the guide will lead to enrichment of our own lives.


Middle-Africa is involved in the different community and environmental projects. All these are small-scale projects. It is not our aim to change the world but we do believe we can help make a difference and assist to build up something positive for the future of many.


For further information click:, one of the NGO’s we collaborate with.