Adventurist Hayden Turner travels to Tanna, a South Pacific island, to learn their centuries-old strategies for moving through the thick forest and hunting flying foxes, wild pigs and eels.

Meet The Izzards – BBC

Eddie’s genetic time travelling begins with the Bakola pygmies in Cameroon, his – and our – most distant male relatives with whom we shared an ancestor some 142,000 years ago. Eddie joins them as they go hunting,

Españoles por el Mundo: Camerún

Camerún es considerado un continente por la riqueza y variedad de paisajes. Fue bautizada así por la abundancia de camarones en sus ríos. En un territorio del tamaño de España nos encontraremos con playas vírgenes, selva,

Save Busuu Language

Busuu is a language spoken by only 8 people in the entire world. To avoid its extinction, we decided to travel to a remote village in Cameroon to ask its speakers to create a video that will encourage everyone to learn Busuu.

The Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Association

This is Ben and Jordyn’s itinerary while traveling in Cameroon. Follow them on their journey! 2013 Cameroon research trip itinerary

Gerewol Cameroon

The Gerewol, one of the most spectacular ceremonies that survive in Black Africa, consists of a spectacular beauty contest, where young women can choose their partner within the group of men