All areas we visit are safe ones with hospitable and kind people, nevertheless we are not in our Western world and some advices can come in handy as well as we should inform on safety regulations.
We kindly request our travelers to read through this section and respect, and follow up, the information herewith provided. Our FAQ section might also help you out with questions you might have.


Documentation and belongings

You should carry some form of identification at all times. This would normally mean a passport, including VISA and additionally your certificate of vaccination. Sometimes road controls request some form of identification.

Take sensible precautions to keep safe important items such as money, passports, jewellery and mobile phones. Avoid as much as possible to travel with valuable (unnecessary) items and don’t show your money or important belongings openly on the street.


You are requested to follow up the instructions of our (local) guides at all times (including in the National Parks or Game Reserves) and seek their advice in case any additional information is required. Don’t go beyond the main areas of town on your free days nor take unknown or unidentified vehicles on your own (except for official taxis or local transport). In case a police officer or military representative ask you some questions, just answer them politely and stay calm under any circumstances.


When travelling to this part of the world you could eventually bring needed items along.
We usually advice to bring school material, drawing material and color pens, reading books in French or English, footballs (kids love these and it’s great to play with them) or some clothing, like t-shirts, caps or shiny bijouterie for the ladies.
Please don’t give presents or sweets to the children on the street. Instead you can leave some things with the home-stay families, the ladies cleaning the rooms, the local guides or make a deal: some pictures against a pen. Otherwise contact the organisation, we sometimes visit schools, orphanages etc. Sophisticated (battery run) games don’t make any sense in these countries and please don’t bring balloons