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Afro-Brazilians architecture


The immigrants of African descent who began arriving in the coast of Nigeria and Benin in the early nineteenth century are known as the Afro-Brazilians
The Afro-Brazilians were the descendants of African slaves (mostly from West Africa and Angola) taken to Brazil. They returned to West Africa between the 1820s and 1890s, after the sugar cane crisis. This community, mainly dedicated to commerce, produced a significant genre of architecture and a distinctive Creole culture during the nineteenth century. The Afro-Brazilians architectural style was largely based on a combination of the European colonial style and the Yoruba traditional spatial arrangement. 
In Middle-Africa we organise trips to cities like Abeokuta, Idanre (Nigeria) and Porto Novo and Ouidah (Benin) to admire this unique form of syncretic architecture.